The 2008 European Kyokushin Karate Championships in Kata consists in one division Championships for males and females aged 18 and over and ranked Green belt (4th kyu) and above. The Champion will be determined in each categorie by examining the individual´s skill and technique including point of power stress, breadth control, speed, as well difficulty,execution and overal presentation.

1. All competitors must adhere to the same standars of behaviour as outlined for kumite Participants. Un-sportsman-like conduct is grounds for immediate disqualification.

2. The contestant must be ! on deck! Three minutes before their intended perfomance and is solely responsible for arriving to the ring on time when name is called. If contesntant fails to appear after two announcements, they will forfeit right to compete.

3. The competitors must follow the rules as it is indicate in “Ekko rules for Kata”.

4. The scores will range from a minimun to a maximun with decimals increments from each of the five Judges. The top 4 or 8 contestants (depending of number of competitors) in the preliminary, determined by cumulitive total score, will compete in an additional Final Round.

5. Requiered Kata: in the Preliminary, the REQUIRED KATA for all the entrants is GEKSAI SHO. In the FINAL, the contestant may select any Kata as is listed in “Ekko rules for Katas” (Seinchin, Kanku Dai, Seipai, Garyu,Sushiho).

6. Ekko reserves the right to refuse entry or participation to anyone not following the rules and regulations set forth within.


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